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Lab Tests Don't Lie: Ozone Clean Efficacy Results

Here at HoMedics®, we don't make any promises we can't keep. That's why we enlist third-party labs to validate the efficacy of our products. Ozone Clean was scientifically tested in different conditions that helped measure dwell time against all kinds of germs. The results are in, and it was proven to be extremely effective at killing household bacteria and viruses. In case you're curious, here's the breakdown of results by microorganism.

OZONE CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner (SAN-OZ100):

Testing Results

Microorganism Kills up to... Dwell Time
E. coli 99.99% 30 seconds
Salmonella 99.99% 30 seconds
Staph Aureus 99.99% 30 seconds
Phage Virus 99.99% 30 seconds
Disinfect most common household germs 99.999% 1 minute*

The fine print: direct exposure to aqueous ozone is required to kill bacteria and viruses. Indirect exposure and the type of object or surface can impact the ending dose results. Even more testing is currently in the works.

*Tested on E. coli, full-saturation testing environment