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Coronavirus-Killing UV Phone Sanitizers Are Somehow Back At Amazon

Smartphones are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses, and it is more important now than ever to ensure that you not only wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, but also disinfect your smartphone as often as possible.

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Yahoo Article

Keep your phone coronavirus-free: Here’s how to clean it safely

Thanks to coronavirus, many people are realizing they should be cleaning some regularly-used items more than they have in the past. A good example: phones.

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Rolling Stone

The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Devices

We already know we should be washing our hands multiple times a day – isn’t it time we start cleaning our phones too?

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Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance: The crazy story of Purell and the coronavirus

The drag of the coronavirus on the global economy is massive. While the real tragedy is lives lost, the economic effect is a hugely significant secondary consideration. Businesses around the world are feeling serious pain. A recession might be in the offing...

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USweekly News

Us Weekly: Your Phone Has 25,000 Bacteria Per Square Inch — This Device Sanitizes It in 1 Minute

It can be a scary world out there, and fear across the globe has multiplied immensely with the fast spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. There’s a good chance you’ve seen people walking around wearing surgical masks, or have even worn one yourself. But is that actually helping? Not necessarily...

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NBC News

NBC News: How to sanitize your phone and other tech, according to doctors

Many ultraviolet (UV) light sanitizing devices are selling out. We found where they're in stock and consulted germ-expert MDs on how to shop for them.

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