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  1. Pedicure Spa Footbath with Heat

    The HoMedics® Pedicure Spa Footbath With Heat gives your feet a soothing bubble foot massage with rejuvenating water jets for total relaxation. Raised nodes provide a gentle foot massage as the heat further relaxes your feet. The Pedicure Spa Footbath offers a convenient toe-touch control and integrated splash guard to help prevent splashing and spills. The built-in spinning pedicure center comes with 3 removable attachments, including a pumice stone, cleansing brush, and additional massage roller. Learn More
  2. Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath with Heat

    The HoMedics® Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath With Heat gives your feet a rejuvenating vibration massage. Acu-node surface provides a gentle foot massage as the heat further relaxes your feet. The Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath offers a convenient collapsible tub to store in a small space when not in use. The built-in anti-collapsible and spill-proof feature ensures a safe and relaxing spa experience anywhere. Learn More
  3. ParaSpa Plus® Paraffin Bath

    The HoMedics® ParaSpa® Plus Paraffin Bath has the ability to turn your skin baby soft. Hydrate and soothe your skin with hypoallergenic wax and gentle heat. Each ParaSpa® Plus Paraffin Bath comes with 3 pounds of hypoallergenic wax (with no added scents or dyes) and 20 liners. Learn More
  4. Deep Soak FootSpa

    The HoMedics Deep Soak Foot Spa with Heat sends gentle vibrations to relax overworked muscles. Massage rollers target sore arches and soles while the soothing heat helps maintain a warm water temperature. The tub is deep so that you can fully immerse your entire foot. It is safe to use with your favorite salts. Learn More
  5. ParaSpa™ Paraffin Wax Refill

    • For use with HoMedics Paraffin Baths only
    • 2 one-pound packages of pure, hypo-allergenic paraffin wax
    • 20 plastic liners also included
    • No scents or dyes to irritate sensitive skin
    • Convenient 1 pound packages so you can refill as needed without a mess
    Learn More
  6. ARMH-110 Replacement Pads

    10 pack of microfiber replacement pads for ARMH-110GY Pads should be changed when switching to a different essential oil. Replace if there is a peculiar odor or discoloration. To use pads, secure the pad into place and add 5-7 drops of essential oil. Learn More
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