HoMedics Ozone Clean
Ozone Clean
Turn ordinary tap water into an unlimited supply of aqueous ozone (that's a fancy name for ozonated water). This all-natural miracle cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer kills up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses on just about everything.

The Future of Clean Is Here


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Super Strong

When ozone is generated within water, it becomes an
extremely powerful disinfectant that
can be used on everything from pacifiers to produce.

Ozone neutralizes odors instead of masking them. Spray it
on your shoes, trash, couches, laundry, pet beds, and more.

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Fill Ozone Clean with Tap Water


Using ordinary tap water, fill the bottle.
Generate Ozone to kill Germs with Ozone Clean


Power it on and you'll instantly see bubbling water. That's the revolutionary ozone generator turning your water into a powerful disinfectant.

Use Ozone Clean on Nearly Anything


After the cycle is complete and the ring turns blue, spray any nonporous surface to kill bacteria and viruses.
From Tap Water to Super Cleaner

Water goes in. The electrolytic generator uses electricity to separate the oxygen atoms. In as little as 2 minutes, they combine with other oxygen molecules to create ozone, one of nature's most powerful disinfectants.

Ozone Clean Creates Powerful Disinfectants

Ozone Clean Keeps Your Family and Home Germ Free

Ozone Clean kills up to


of bacteria and viruses

(whoa, that's a lot of 9s!)

Lab tests don't lie. All of our efficacy claims have been third-party

tested and validated. Aqueous ozone is scientifically proven to be extremely effective at

killing germs while being safe to use around kids and pets.


Why has this just now come to market?
Ozone has been used in commercial and industrial applications for decades. Many municipalities use ozone to clean city water supplies. Hospitals use the gaseous form to sanitize rooms before or after surgery. Large cleaning companies will often use ozone generators to remove smoke fumes and smell from fire-damaged homes. The technology has been around and accepted for many years, but the cost was always very high. There’s nothing new about Ozone Clean technology. What is new is how we've made it accessible to everyday consumers.

Can I use any type of water?
Ozone Clean works with all normal tap water. It won't work with distilled or certain types ofpurified waters. The ozone generator needs the minerals and dissolved particles that are found in tap water to generate ozone. If it flashes red during a generation cycle, the most common problem is water that's too pure for use.

Is there anything I can't spray aqueous ozone on?
You can spray Ozone Clean onto any surface that isn't adversely affected by water. As an example, you can spray it onto almost any countertop, but you wouldn’t want to spray it onto your cell phone unless it's waterproof. It won't damage wood, as long as the excess water is wiped off after cleaning. It shouldn't have any adverse effect on most household fabrics, couches, bedding, concrete, metals, or granite/stone surfaces.

Ozone Clean
Ozone Clean
Ozone Clean

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